When Lord Bassam of Brighton was council leader, he spearheaded the idea of a referendum on whether Albion should have a stadium at Falmer.

The result, declared two years ago, proved conclusively that most people in Brighton and Hove favoured the idea.

A less scientific response by people responding to the city council's Local Plan shows opinion more equally divided.

At the same time the Albion want to move the site at Falmer about 200 metres further south, which will mean altering the Plan.

Lord Bassam has urged his former colleagues to stand firm against the opponents of Falmer and he is right.

Moving the site does not make much difference to a project that will provide jobs and enjoyment for the community.

It should be possible to provide the same sort of transport scheme at Falmer that has worked so well at Withdean and which other cities are starting to copy.

There will be a long planning battle ahead but councillors should not be deflected from what they believe is a gain.