Michael Biggs is a true product of propaganda, fed to him throughout his life by a liar, cheat and thief - his own father.

Let's face it, Michael was cynically conceived and born to be used as a tool to keep daddy out of jail.

If Ronald Biggs had served his time originally, he would probably be just like every other pensioner - old and poor - and Michael would not have been around to enjoy a cushioned, if notorious, lifestyle.

But hitting at the victim of the Great Train Robbery, Jack Mills, was really too much. No depths were too low for Biggs Junior.

Is he so well medically qualified he can state so categorically that leukaemia cannot be caused by a blow with an iron bar?

Didn't Mr Mills' family suffer enough in the ensuing years through being taunted by Biggs' playboy revue at Rio de Janeiro? Now the family is being accused of financial gain over a situation which was none of its making.

I believe Mr Mills' brother also died shortly after him. Perhaps Michael will tell us this is not medically possible either - to die heartbroken after losing a beloved brother.

Go back to Brazil, Michael. You know nothing of the true situation and you cannot begin to comprehend it. It isn't revenge that is wanted on Ronald Biggs, it is justice that needs to be honoured.

Honour, respect, loyalty and love you have given to your father. All credit to you, when a villain such as he

has none of these attributes, merely a well-developed sense of self-preservation.

-Hazel Allum, Central Avenue, Telscombe Cliffs