Satire is, of course, a dangerous thing.

There will doubtless be some readers who take at face value Keith Jago's hilariously elaborated notion (Opinion, May 18) that travel around Brighton and Hove would be "so much less tedious" if the front of one of our city buses were to carry the name of the chief executive, Glynn Jones, when he has retired.

I feel sure Mr Jones, for one, will relish the joke. He has said that a reason for retiring from the fray is to enjoy more civilised pursuits, such as music and theatre.

I trust, instead of allowing his own name to go forward, he will add his voice to my campaign for that of the great novelist Dame Ivy Compton-Burnett to ply those routes and inspire residents to enjoy dialogue of a higher order than any which Mr Jones had to endure in the council chamber.

-Charles Goode, Third Avenue, Hove