Contemporary dance is rarely described as brutal, violent and savage but Kim Itoh's latest work is deeply rooted in this descriptive territory.

Exploring contradictory emotions such as isolation and companionship, violence and tenderness, chaos and harmony, Itoh crafts movement which verges on physical assault.

I Want To Hold You, a 50-minute piece performed by Itoh and eight dancers, tackles communication and human relationships head on. Torsos collide and limbs clash as dancers are thrown to the ground by their partners.

Their bodies cracked against the cold floor but repeatedly rose up to seek more punishment.

The viewing experience is intense but the harsh emotions of Itoh's creation soften as the bodies fold together for a final romantic dance.

Itoh, as ever, left his audience with a veritable feast for thought.

Corn Exchange, Church Street, Brighton, Monday
Supported by The Agency For Cultural Affairs Of Japan, The Great Britain Saskawa Foundation, Japan 2001 and The Saison Foundation