Mid Sussex Council has been told to recycle more rubbish to meet new targets because it is so good at it.

Mid Sussex Council currently recycles 25 per cent of domestic waste, which is above Government waste strategy targets.

But under new rules, councils are required to meet different recyling rates which have been set according to how well the council has been doing.

Mid Sussex's success at meeting recycling targets has ensured it has been put in the category for the best performers.

It will now be expected to recycle 33 per cent in 2003-4 and 40 per cent for the following year.

Environment Minister Michael Meacher set the new targets after he described the UK's level of waste recycling as "pathetically low" and promised action to increase it.

Across England and wales as a whole, the amount of recycling must increase to 30% by 2010.

At present recycling accounts for only 9% of all waste.

To meet their increased targets, the Government expects local authorities to put more resources into doorstep collections of recyclable waste.