I sat in the gallery at Hove Town Hall on Wednesday, November 29 and watched a total sham taking place.

It was literally Labour councillors versus opposition councillors and parents. I am worried about the lack of democracy in this Labour-run council, but what really scares me is the total

disregard for five handicapped children and their parents.

I found the whole episode harrowing as we all watched the mothers plead for their children to be allowed to stay at the Palmeira project.

This Government is going to great lengths to main-

tain children with special needs in mainstream school with support staff. So why would the parents not have expected their children

to have remained at Palmeira? They have been betrayed.

My lasting memory will be that of the mothers' faces, etched with fear and

tiredness. I would ask all

residents of Brighton and Hove to write to their councillors in support of the


-Mr Maynard, Upper Bevendean Avenue, Brighton