I feel very strongly the need to write to you after yet another disastrous Saturday out with my autistic son.

When will Brighton and Hove Council and the Government wake up to the fact there are a lot of children living in Sussex who are autistic, hyperactive or present very challenging behaviour - or all three - who need somewhere to go?

We parents need somewhere to take our children where they can run around, let off steam, feel safe and not be criticised by staff for their behaviour.

If I keep my son at home all day he is bored. If I take him to a public place, ie swimming pool, sports centre or library, staff are forever saying: "Take him out of there - Move him away from that - Don't let him touch that - Don't let him go in there."

When people say these things to my son or me, they obviously don't understand the full extent of his challenging behaviour, that it is not easy to take him out of somewhere he likes or away from somewhere or something they don't want touched.

The shops are a no-go area as my son is obsessed with so many toys, games, computers and cash tills. That just leaves anonymous places to go to, such as parks, the beach and local fast-food restaurants, which are strangely tolerant of special needs children.

I don't want someone to look after my son for me. All I ask is that there is somewhere to take these children where they can play safely, happily and without constant criticism and condemnation of their parents, somewhere that doesn't cost the earth, is easy to get to on public transport and is available all year round.

-Mrs A. Posener, Links Road, Portslade, Yob culture