Sussex has known few more callous killers than odd-job man David Munley, who has been found guilty of murdering an 87-year-old woman at her home.

Jean Barnes, a wealthy recluse, was easy prey for Munley who lived only a few minutes away from her large and rambling house in Worthing.

First he burgled her time after time, living off the proceeds from the sales. Then he killed her, probably panicking after unexpectedly bumping into her.

Next he pretended she was still alive in a bid to cover his tracks, even opening her post and stopping the milk.

It's ironic that Munley was caught through an act of kindness by Miss Barnes.

A blind friend who enjoyed having papers read to her over the phone became concerned when the calls stopped and called the police.

Criminals such as Munley have a warped view of human nature and are seldom clever enough to outwit the police.

Now that he has been caught and convicted, it must be a long, long time before he is released.

By that time he will be elderly himself, but he may never have the compassion or intelligence to show remorse for his terrible crimes.