Sussex psychologist Dr David Lewis thinks he's come up with a solution to road rage - grass.

Dr Lewis will be inviting drivers to take off their shoes and socks and stand on his miniature lawn in an effort to get to the bottom of stressed-out motoring.

The subjects' stress levels will be monitored by a technician to see if they become calmer as a result of the experiment.

Brighton-based Dr Lewis will use a "multi-sensory countryside case" as part of the research.

It contains a patch of genuine Devon grass, grass-scented essential oil and seeds to grow more grass.

He said it could be a lifeline for stressed-out commuters to sniff a freshly-mown lawn and imagine a relaxing country scene.

The experiments are likely to start in the New Year.

Dr Lewis said: "People generally feel more relaxed when experiencing a tranquil country scene than in a fast-paced urban environment."

Dr Lewis, the author of One Minute Stress Management, said: "It will be interesting to see whether a patch of lawn, the smell of grass and a lot of imagination can produce a relaxed state of mind."

Two years ago, Dr Lewis produced scientific evidence that shopping is bad for the health of men.

Males reported soaring stress levels when they were sent to shops in the West End of London with identical shopping lists to women.

He found men suffered increased blood pressure and heart rates while shopping.