I read with interest the recent article asking when work will begin to build flats on the derelict eyesore on the corner of Grand Parade/Edward Street.

For some time now I have also wondered when work will start on the parade of shops on the corner of New Road and North Street, a prime site in the centre of Brighton.

I believe the site was sold to developers who promised to reinstate the balcony which used to run all the way along from the Theatre Royal. It is now a magnet for graffiti, fly-posting and a huge amount of rubbish in the doorways, a wonderful sight for tourists.

The ABC Cinema site, again sold to developers in spite of a great flurry of protests from local residents, promises great things but is still semi-derelict.

The Essoldo/Hot Shots building sale is another puzzle. Despite attempts to save this large building, demolition was agreed. Since then, nothing has happened.

-A. Older, Goldstone Villas, Hove