Fish merchant Jim Partridge is making an outrageous claim for compensation that should be treated with complete derision.

He complains he lost business when the A259 was closed at Shoreham for a visit by the Prime Minister.

Tony Blair was there to honour the memory of PC Jeff Tooley, knocked down and killed by a hit and run driver on the Brighton Road last year.

The road was closed for only a short time and disruption was minor. Yet according to Mr Partridge, it cost him £700.

Mr Partridge may not know or care that PC Tooley was stationed at Shoreham where his job was to protect local people. Or that he died when he was doing his duty.

To have the road blocked for peace and quiet while the Prime Minister pays his respects to this young hero is entirely reasonable.

Mr Partridge, whose business is in Shoreham, should be ashamed of himself and should drop the claim which stinks more than the most rotten fish.

Asking the force to pay him compensation is an insult to PC Tooley and all serving police officers in Sussex.