A report says Sita is doing a better job of keeping the town clean (Argus, October 14). Says who?

Clarence Square is one place Sita seems to have forgotten. We now have signs around the square proclaiming "Thursday is collection day" and to "Keep refuse in bin stores". Great! Except our refuse has not been collected on Thursdays since August and never from the bin store. Thursday has been collection day here for years, so it is pointless Sita passing blame to householders.

Trying to telephone Sita is a waste of time. When I called at 5.30pm an answerphone message told me the office was open until 6pm!

Sita claims it services other towns successfully. If this is true, would it be possible to bring the management from one of these towns to Brighton and Hove, as the present management could not run cold water?

All Sita has achieved so far is to make what was already a bad situation even worse, at enormous cost to the long-suffering residents of Brighton and Hove.

-Christine M. Holmes, Clarence Square, Brighton