Bav Patel is planning the biggest shopping spree of his life after guessing his way to £16,000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.

Bav, 25, from Brighton, has become a celebrity and been bombarded with messages of congratulations from strangers after his cheeky performance on the hit TV game show.

He had millions of viewers glued to their sets after taking pot luck on nearly every question put to him by programme host Chris Tarrant.

He cheerfully answered, "I haven't got the foggiest" and used unorthodox methods to select answers.

Bav, who works for Legal and General, in Montefiore Road, Brighton, is now looking forward to jetting off to New York for a lavish shopping trip and paying off bills after bluffing his way through nine questions.

He said: "After filming, Chris Tarrant told me it had been the best entertainment since the show started and I didn't deserve to win £16, let alone £16,000.

"When you are sitting in that chair and you have got Chris staring straight at you with a bit of a grin, asking you if it is your final answer, your mind just goes blank. My heart was beating really fast."

Bav had spectators gasping as he randomly-selected answers on Sunday night's show.

He revealed: "When he asked what sport the word chukka was used for, I chose polo because it made me think of Polo mints and making a mint!

"I had used up all my lifelines by £2,000 and after the first three questions every answer was a guess."

Bav decided to bow out at £16,000 even though he correctly believed the answer to the £32,000 question.

He later found out his girlfriend Nicki Walters was in agonies in the audience, hoping he would take the money.

A spokeswoman for the show said: "We really enjoyed having him on. It was great to have a competitor who was prepared to gamble."

These are the questions Bav answered correctly:

For £100: Which word means a short sleep during the day?

A. Cowsleep B. Dogdoze C. Catnap D. Sheepkip (Answer: C).

For £200: In the Fifties, what was the name of the young men who wore drainpipe trousers and liked rock and roll?

A. Bunny boys B. Puppy boys C. Teddy boys D. Dolly boys (Answer: C).

For £300: What is the title of the politician who heads the Home Office?

A. Home economist B. Home Secretary C. Home guard D. Home help (Answer: B).

For £500: Which of these mountain ranges is in Scotland?

A. Alps B. Grampians C. Andes D. Himalayas (Answer: B).

For £1,000: The phrase 'tinkle the ivories' refers to playing which musical instrument?

A. Piano B. Trumpet C. Violin D. Clarinet (Answer: A).

For £2,000: Who plays Q's assistant, R, in the James Bond film 'The World is Not Enough'?

A. Rowan Atkinson B. John Cleese C. Mel Smith D. Richard Briers (Answer: B).

For £4,000: What type of creature is a springbok?

A. Rabbit. B. Horse. C. Frog. D Antelope (Answer: D).

For £8,000: King James I of England was also King James VI of which country?

A. Ireland. B. France C. Norway D.Scotland (Answer: D)

For £16,000: A 'chukka' is a period of playing time in which sport?

A. Badminton B. Volleyball C. Polo D. Hockey (Answer: C)

For £32,000: Which gemstone is made from pure carbon?

A. Emerald B. Ruby. C. Opal. D. Diamond - Bav passed and took £16,000. (Answer: D).