The recent treatment of the Southern Aurora Drum and Bugle Band by Brighton and Hove Council was disgraceful and shows a remarkable change in attitude towards voluntary organisations, particularly those concerned with youngsters.

The facts indicate in a period of 12 months (or just over), the council charged the Bugle Band at least £700 for legal work in connection with two leases which, according to the band's director, are identical other than the dates and term of years being granted.

Come on, council, who are you kidding? We know legal work is never cheap and we know you can't just dig out an old lease and update it! But this wasn't an old lease, was it? It was barely 12 months old and one assumes it was properly drawn up in the first place, including the "great deal of checking and admin" you claim.

I realise the council has budgets to meet, but it is a very sad state of affairs when it chooses to go for soft targets such as the Bugle Band rather than encourage and support it and other organisations which offer young people a meaningful way of spending their time.

-J. Bartlett, Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham