Dad Moray O'Riordan knew exactly how superstar David Beckham felt when he was dropped for missing training.

Beckham was left isolated when, instead of turning up for a training session, he looked after his son, Brooklyn. Mr O'Riordan has now written to the jilted Manchester United midfielder to offer him his support.

Mr O'Riordan claims he was also sacked from his job for refusing to work extra hours because he had to look after his daughter. He took the part-time telesales job at Family Assurance Friendly Society in West Street, Brighton, nearly three months ago.

Mr O'Riordan explained at the interview he could only work four evening shifts a week because he looked after his 18-month-old daughter Electra while his wife worked. But he claims on three occasions they asked him to come in outside those hours for meetings or training sessions.

He was finally called into the office after refusing to come in for one health and safety meeting. Mr O'Riordan, 31, who lives in Emerald Quay, Shoreham, with his wife Anisa, claims he was sacked because he put his child before his job, prompting him to write the letter of support to Beckham.

Bob Reynolds, director of human resources at Family Assurance, denied the allegations. He said: "Mr O'Riordan's attitude did not fit with the company. We did ask him to come in for a couple of paid training sessions outside his normal working hours, but we told him in advance and offered to pay for a childminder."

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