passengers revolted last night when a train driver forgot to stop at a station.

Travellers bound for Preston Park were amazed when the train carried on through to Brighton. An announcement said: "I am sorry. The driver appears to have forgotten to stop at Preston Park."

When passengers arrived at Brighton they were told they would have to wait almost an hour for the next service. They began demanding money for taxis instead, until rail staff agreed to arrange for a Thameslink train to make an extra stop at Preston Park.

Many of the commuters had wives, husbands and friends waiting to pick them up at Preston Park. The mix-up meant they eventually arrived 30 minutes late.

The 18.06 Connex service to Brighton always stops at Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Hassocks, Preston Park and Brighton, arriving at Preston Park at 19.10.

Chris Coyer, 44, a medical publisher of Hampstead Road, Brighton, said: "People were just waiting to get off and it went through Preston Park without stopping at about 30mph."

BBC worker Champa Swift, of Varndean Drive, Brighton, said: "I have heard of passengers missing their stops, but not drivers."

Connex spokesman Dave Ewart said: "We hold our hands up on this one and apologise to all passengers for the inconvenience caused."

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