Sex attacker Joseph Porter is starting a life sentence today after a brutal assault on a young student.

His victim Katherine Pettyfer has taken the brave step of shedding her anonymity to speak about her ordeal. It emerged in court that Porter had a string of previous convictions for violence dating back ten years.

His sentence followed the introduction of new legislation making a life term mandatory for anybody convicted of two serious offences. It is a welcome change in the law. If only it could have been introduced sooner to prevent others going through the kind of nightmare Katherine had to.

Katherine said after the verdict she hopes that in Porter's case life really does mean life. There can be few people who would disagree.

It's a shame

When the new Concorde venue opened in Brighton it was a welcome boost to the town's music scene.

The lack of a mid-sized venue had been the one glaring omission in our lively city by the sea. So it is a shame that, only weeks later, the club is at the centre of controversy after four people were injured when an archway collapsed.

Three of the victims are now considering legal action. And on the face of it - with claims the music continued and the lights stayed down as they received treatment - they may well have a case.

Dead cert

Brighton Racecourse is finally shaping up as a 21st Century venue we can be proud of.

The first stage of a restoration project has been completed at a cost of £1.5 million, with many areas transformed beyond recognition.

Northern Racing vowed to bring the course back to its former glory - and they have been as good as their word. Brighton Racecourse has a wonderful history - and it is great to see it back on track.

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