Science may catch killers, Catholic tastes, Champion teen

Murderers who thought they'd got away with their crimes will be worried men and women today.

Advances in technology may mean detectives will be able to solve crimes which happened many years ago. Police are looking again at a batch of unsolved murders in the county which defied detection at the time.

Now with improved fingerprint analysis and big developments in DNA, detectives are making big strides forward. In some cases, such as that of retired Worthing vet Bill Howe, they already have a new clue as to who brutally murdered him a decade ago.

In others, police had strong suspicions at the time who the murderer was but lacked the evidence to bring cases against them. It's good news for everyone except the killers themselves, who may yet find the long arm of the law catching up with them.

Catholic tastes

Bishop Cormac Murphy O'Connor was one of the oldest men considered to become the new Archbishop of Westminster.

But his youthful outlook means that at 67 he is still the modern choice for the millennium to succeed Cardinal Basil Hume. The Bishop of Arundel and Brighton has been deservedly popular since first appointed way back in 1977.

He's been a humane, humorous and charismatic church leader who fully deserves his late promotion to lead more than four million Catholics in this country.

Champion teen

Hove has a world champion racing driver in 19-year-old Olly Wheatley from Hangleton Road and his family's right behind him.

He's the best model stock car racer anywhere and will defend his title in East Grinstead this September. Olly's able to enjoy all the thrills and spills of racing at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Mick the mechanic is the parental driving force behind Olly. His stock is rising as he shares his skill with his son.

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