IT'S not every day the future King drops in for a cuppa.

But when Amanda Sewell offered the Prince of Wales a mug of Earl Grey, he replied: "Yes please - I really need a break."

Stunned teacher Amanda and her taxi driver husband Nick, 60, never believed the Prince would take them up on their cheeky invitation.

But they got a cake just in case.

The Prince was visiting a new housing project next door to the couple's home in College Road, Kemp Town, Brighton, yesterday.

And after chatting with homeless men and women due to live at the newly-converted house, he amazed bodyguards by stopping for the brew-up.

He sat in the Sewells' front room on their 100-year-old sofa, upholstered with plush red cushions, while sipping Earl Grey, made with full cream milk and one sugar.

But he turned down a slice of chocolate gateau from local bakers Forfars.

The Prince then insisted on taking a look round the couple's three-storey Regency home, ending up in their bedroom where he was enthralled by Mr Sewell's collection of Fifties handkerchief bowls.

Fifteen minutes after going in, a grinning Prince came out saying: "That was a very nice cup of tea."

Mum-of-one Amanda, a teacher at St Mary's Hall, said: "I am in a state of shock. He actually sat in our lounge, on our sofa. The flat was not even clean.

"I was neutral about Prince Charles before, but now I think he is very impressive."

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