A LOTTERY winner was today grieving over the death of his wife exactly a year after they hit the jackpot.

Heartbroken Alec Bain told the Argus: "I would give up all the money to have her back."

Jill Bain, 57, died peacefully at home after suffering from chronic asthma for six years.

Jill and Alec, from Worthing, won £4.8 million and moved from their modest home in Mardale Road, Durrington, to a luxury house with a swimming pool in nearby Ferring.

Former cab driver Alec, who celebrated his 62nd birthday just days before Jill died, said: "It is such a shame as with the lottery we had the chance to do things we normally couldn't.

"The money isn't important now, I would rather have Jill back. We were going to buy a cottage down in Cornwall and live half our time down there.

"At least she had that time with the lottery money. She was able to help all her friends and relatives, which made her happy.

"Everybody has been devastated by this. They just can't believe it. She really loved life. She was always a bubbly character until the asthma got the better of her."

Jill suffered from asthma and emphysema, which Alec believes may have played a part in her death.

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