A team of film makers have strung together an unusual tale of a man who finds a piece of string which takes him on a journey to happiness.

The film makers have been working for months on the ten-minute film which will be shot at various locations around Sussex.

Producer Ginita Jimenez is hoping a manufacturer or supplier in Sussex can help them sort out the production by supplying one of the most vital ingredients for the film, namely, string.

Ginita said: "It's a story about a man who finds a piece of paper attached to some string.

"The paper says 'follow the string to happiness' and the string takes him on a beautiful journey."

The man in the film is on his way to work when he finds the string with a message attached to it.

He then follows it along the road and round a corner. To his amazement, it leads far away into the distance.

After a dilemma, he abandons going to work and begins to follow the string, gathering it up into a ball as he goes.

The team describe the production as surreal and the comic film winds its way through the journey the piece of string takes him on and the people he meets and the places he sees along the way.

Ginita and director Naomi Wright say they are happy to explore the dimensions of the length and width with string manufacturers but initially they are looking for material no less than one centimetre thick and 150 metres in length with flexible and water-repellent properties.

They are also willing to test different types of string from nylon to cotton.

The British film was co-written by Ms Wright and Charlie Murray, a director and journalist.

Tom Wiggall is composing an original score which promises to bring out the humour of the piece, as well as something of the pathos of the man's unusual journey.

And of course, the musical score focuses on stringed instruments.

Although the film has been predominantly funded by tickets sold in advance of its premiere in January 2006, the production is seeking another £5,000 to £10,000 from private and corporate investment to add more sophisticated technical elements to the film to enhance its magical feel.

It is hoped String will be entered into the global film circuit as well as shown on television channels and the internet.

Tickets for the premiere are available by visiting the film's web site, although a date has not yet been set for its release.

The address is www.howlongisapieceofstring.net
Monday, September 5, 2005