I am a parent of one of the young people Tony Austin complained about in his letter.

My son is a member of the Southern Aurora Drum Corps, not a marching band, which was rehearsing in Stanmer Park with the permission of Brighton and Hove City Council.

As a group, these youngsters and their instructors practise long hours, giving up their evenings and weekends to achieve high standards of music and competing and winning against the best - both in this country and abroad - and all without lottery or council financial help.

Along the way, they develop discipline, commitment, music education and physical stamina, a sense of worth and comradeship. Would you rather they spent their free time, as some young people do, in vandalism, graffiti and under-age drinking?

Please, please admire their dedication and support them, there are few places they can practise, don't let them lose another one.

Perhaps Mr Austin, your children and grandchildren could be encouraged to join them and you could volunteer your services to help them raise funds - and have a lot of fun in the process.

-Sue Taylor, Telscombe Cliffs