A lot has been written of late about the Brighton Health Trust and, in particular, about the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Many operations have been transferred from that facility to the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, now part of the Brighton Health Trust and where very few emergencies take place.

To anyone who is going to be admitted to the Princess Royal, let me reassure you that you have nothing to worry about. In fact, in my opinion, it is a much better hospital than the Royal Sussex County, being quite modern, with long and airy corridors.

I was recently admitted to Albourne Ward there and was a little apprehensive as it was a hospital I hadn't been to before.

I was being admitted for an operation and wasn't too sure of what to expect.

I wish to place on record my most grateful thanks to all the ward's staff members for the care and assistance they showed towards all the patients.

The nurses and auxiliary staff all treated you as if you were the most important patient in the ward.

Nothing appeared to be any trouble.

The wards were clean, being checked daily after the cleaning. Should anything be found not up to standard, the cleaner was recalled and made to clean again.

And the food was some of the best I have ever had in hospital. I was able to choose my menu for lunch and supper and when it arrived, it was tasty as well as hot.

To all those staff who looked after me, a big thank you. Your standards are very high, no wonder you are a "three-star" hospital.

-David Rowland, Telscombe Cliffs