I also had the pleasure of dodging little boys on their motorbikes, swerving in and out of the cars on Bexhill Road, Woodingdean, last week (The Argus, September 1).

Normally, the answer to offensive young hooligans is to tell them to "go and play in the traffic" but that's exactly the problem in Langley Crescent and Bexhill Road.

Here's the answer. Put some police down there. That's clearly an impractical idea, so let's see what can be done about it.

It would take courage by concerned neighbours and imagination by Sussex Police.

Neighbours should take pictures or video footage of the kids and their bikes, then give them to the police.

Sussex Police could trace and prosecute them and their parents for permitting them to drive without insurance, tax, helmets and while disqualified (by reason of their age).

That way, the child would get ten penalty points before they even got a licence and their parents would have to pay a fine.

Much more effectively, their mum or dad would also get nine or ten penalty points on their driving licences for the driving offences of their sons.

The boys did not buy the bikes and cannot buy the petrol to put in them.

Take on the stupid parents, who let their children risk their necks, by making them pay.

-Albert Edward, Brighton