I assume most residents of Sussex have had enough of the many articles in the local Press about the water companies' monopoly.

They keep whingeing and moaning about the lack of water being collected in their reservoirs and asking us not to use as much and to save it using various methods - by putting a bag in your cistern, turning off the tap all the time and not using a hosepipe.

These are all things the consumer should be doing to make the little water they have go further.

We are also being warned things will get worse and not better, as rainfall in future years will not improve.

But what, if anything, are the water companies doing to improve the situation, other than telling the consumer what to do?

Repairing the old water infrastructure is long overdue.

The phrase "they have had it so good for so long" comes to mind.

Is it not about time that some serious money is invested to find more water and to store it better? Perhaps the directors should give up their bonuses for a couple of years.

If they need help as to where it can be found, may I suggest the following clues.

1. Look south.

2. The UK is an island. Expensive it may be but securing future water for the next generation to come, in my mind, is long overdue.

-Dave Stone, Lancing