I have just read the article about Chris Eubank claiming victory and I feel sad for three reasons.

Mr Eubank lives far from the school he was taking is children to. I am sure, if he had chosen a school nearer to his home, he would greatly reduce the chances of being stuck in a traffic jam. In general, the roads are wider in Hove.

Secondly, even if he had chosen a school on the other side of town, why couldn't he use the excellent bus system? Mr Eubank drives huge cars and therefore pollutes but apparently this is freedom.

Lastly, Mr Eubank is known for driving either his American lorry or Hummer around The Lanes at weekends, causing more pollution and helping create traffic jams for no obvious reason.

And in case you don't recognise his number plate, he lowers his tinted windows to make sure he is seen.

Whoever persists in driving in The Lanes should bear the consequences.

I find it sad the judge has now given the go-ahead for people to make their own justice.

-Frederic Hardy, Hove