Yobs screaming, shouting, drinking and swearing in the streets late at night are driving residents to despair.

Parents are driving their children to hotspots and unloading alcohol for them to drink.

Police said trouble-spots included Sea Avenue, Old Manor Road and Brickfields Recreation Ground in Rustington, near Littlehampton.

Residents said they were intimidated by large groups of people congregating in the areas. Police said there has also been an increase in vandalism and rubbish being thrown around.

Inspector Mark Hammond, Littlehampton's police commander, said he was drawing up an action plan to combat the anti-social behaviour.

"I will be working on the plan over the next few weeks to ensure we robustly tackle the issues. I am aware that some of these youths live in the area and their parents should note that if their children are anti-social, they face the embarrassment of having their children arrested or escorted home by police."

Insp Hammond added: "We will be intelligence-gathering to identify youths committing anti-social behaviour and their parents.

"If I find youths repeatedly swearing, urinating in public, causing graffiti, criminal damage and drug taking then I personally will get involved with the youth and family concerned.

"I have a series of options including the use of anti-social behaviour orders. These have severe ramifications for the youth and the family.

"The other issue is the sale of alcohol to youths. Part of the intelligence gathering exercise will be identifying premises or people who are doing this.

"If it is discovered that breaches of the Licensing Act have occurred then I will get involved and ensure action.

"This includes dealing with parents who drop off their children and unload quantities of alcohol for them to drink.

"Law-abiding youths who balance their own enjoyment against the right of residents to have a peaceful home life have nothing to worry about."