The mother of a toddler whose hands were badly burnt when she fell on the remains of an illegal beach bonfire is considering legal action.

Denise Harrison says she may sue Brighton and Hove City Council following the terrifying ordeal which left her three-year-old daughter Jasmine in agony.

Denise, 39, of Ditchling Rise, Brighton, said: "Luckily she has not got any permanent damage to her hands but she has mental scars which will remain for much longer.

"The incident ruined poor Jasmine's summer. It's heartbreaking.

"Her hands have been bandaged which means she has not been able to play properly or even feed herself.

"She has been in a lot of pain but thankfully she is healing well."

Jasmine was one of two toddlers to suffer severe burns last month from hot ashes left on Brighton and Hove's beaches.

Mrs Harrison added: "I have spoken to a solicitor and he thinks we have a strong case against the council. Fires like this are illegal but it is not being enforced.

"There are some signs but they are obviously not working.

"The ordeal has left my child rather nervous. We have been back to the beach but it was a very big thing for Jasmine.

"I'm sure she will be OK in the long run but I want to make sure it does not happen to anyone again."

Beach bonfires are illegal but barbecues are permitted as long as individuals buy a licence and notify the city council.

The council is considering designating an area on the seafront for barbecues.

A spokeswoman said: "We are not aware of any legal proceedings but, with the possibility of legal action being taken, it would be inappropriate for us to make any comment."