A team of volunteers who hope to give a run-down park a new lease of life are visiting another park to see a similar scheme in action.

About a dozen members of Friends Of The Level, which was set up a month ago, are paying a visit to Stoneham Park in Hove, on Tuesday where the ParkSafe scheme is already up and running.

Park attendant Bob Sadlier, 30, who helped set up the community group, said: "We have had some very positive ideas about projects and events we can hold in the park.

"We have been talking to people about how to get funding and there have been quite a lot of interest in the ParkSafe scheme."

Mr Sadlier set up the group with child minder Paula Cowell, 36, in a bid to make The Level safer and more child-friendly. The park had become a haven for street drinkers and drug dealers and parents said it was common to find needles discarded on the grass.

The next Friends Of The Level meeting is on September 20 at St Peter's Church Hall in York Place, Brighton.

For more information or to volunteer, visit Mr Sadlier in The Level between 10am and 6pm from Monday to Friday.