Alan Mullery wants to take Crawley into the Football League.

The former Albion manager has been employed as part-time consultant to the Conference club.

He said: "I want to see on my CV, when I go to the big man upstairs, that this man helped start Crawley Football Club.

"Although the club has been around for many years, it has only been part-time and it still has part-time attitudes.

"That is no good if we are going to be successful and that is why I have been brought in.

"If Crawley could achieve success just up the road from the club where I had so much success, it would be fantastic."

Mullery, 63, has plenty of pedigree and enjoyed success as a player and manager.

He starred for England in the 1970 World Cup finals in Mexico and guided the Seagulls into the top flight for the only time.

He said: "I have achieved every possible thing I could in football.

"When I played on the streets of Notting Hill with a tennis ball as a kid, I wanted to play in the cup final and I did.

"I wanted to play football in Europe and I did that with Tottenham.

"I wanted to play in the World Cup finals and I did that with England.

"I wanted to captain England and I did that.

"When I became a manager, I wanted to be successful and, with Brighton, I would say that was the most successful time I have ever had in football."