I read about the "yes" vote to the King Alfred with a heavy heart (The Argus, September 13).

A small minority of over-ambitious councillors have moved us all one step closer to the destruction of Hove seafront.

A few years ago, we were all suddenly informed that we were now living in a city called Brighton and Hove.

No one I have ever met wanted this to happen or indeed was asked about it.

This absurd idea was just pushed forward by the same sort of over-arching people who have now green-lighted the building of ten (count them) blocks on the seafront.

Those of us who are critical of this disaster are not part of a small group of "regressionists" who just like to say no.

We are, in fact, the residents of Hove who have either been brought up here or who, like myself, have been attracted by the sedate atmosphere and character of the place.

The battle to save Hove has really now been joined. I would now ask Brighton and Hove City Council to hold a referendum on this development and ask all the taxpayers of Hove if they want it to be built.

This is no more than they do when a new yellow line is painted up our roads. Ken Bodfish, this development is too big and too significant for you to hold sway.

You have had your say on the matter. Now now let the people of Hove have ours.

-Tony Moon, Hove