A newly-married couple have been reunited with wedding presents they thought had been lost for good.

Chris and Bianca Lloyd set off on their honeymoon to Antigua yesterday after opening the last of their gifts from their wedding on Saturday.

The couple appealed for help after they left a bag of unopened presents and flowers in the boot of a taxi after their reception at Chez Nous in Arundel Road, Kemptown.

But the Brighton and Hove Radio Cabs driver discovered the bag when he returned to work yesterday and contacted the couple.

Bianca, 31, of St George's Terrace, Kemptown, said: "I was so relieved to hear they had been found.

"We were avoiding friends and family in case we had lost one of their presents.

"We have been so worried about it, but we can relax and enjoy our honeymoon now."

The driver told The Argus he had no idea the gifts were in the boot when he picked up the couple on Saturday.

He said: "I discovered them on Tuesday when I collected a fare at Gatwick and opened the boot.

"I'm glad the gifts have been reunited and well done to Radio Cabs for helping solve the problem.

"And I wish the couple every happiness for the future."