Arthur Miller's tale of vengeance in a 17th-Century Massachusetts village requires the cast to keep an atmosphere of hellfire going for over two hours.

Brighton Dome Youth Theatre (BDYT) sustain the tension admirably in this production directed by BBC Spooks actor David Oyelowo.

The play tells the story of witch-hunts kicked off by a young girl, Abigail Williams, trying to get revenge on John Proctor, the lover who spurned her. A gaggle of teenagers scream witchcraft and soon half the town is on trial.

The court scenes are particularly strong, conveying the absurdity of the girls' charges while conjuring up their evangelical hysteria.

Brendan Wyers gives an authoritative portrayal of Judge Danforth and Offue Okegbe and Nicole-Faye Head movingly capture the strength and conflict in the Proctors' marriage.

There are few jarring notes and no weak links in the young cast.