I was interested in the letter from Peter Jones about the Dome Teacher at Shoreham Airport.

They were on many airfields and I did a stint on one, learning to aim-off. My first posting was to Gravesend, where we were equipped with 20mm Hispano cannon.

A later post was to East Moor, then off the South Coast as a protection against fighter bombers which were attacking seaside towns.

I was at various gun sites in Littlehampton and Shoreham. Not the airfield, my post was near where the roundabout has been placed, just west of the Norfolk bridge. We had one gun on the top of Woolworths store in Shoreham.

Back to Gravesend for D-Day in case the Luftwaffe attacked our airfields. None came. Then off to the clifftops between Dover and Folkestone as part of the gunbelt against the flying bombs - Divers as they were officially known.

I did a spell in the plotting room at Dover, where we were sometimes shelled by the 15-inch guns on the French coast.

After that, as the Luftwaffe was concentrating on attacking the forces in France and home defence, many anti-aircraft units were disbanded, becoming riflemen.

-RW Carden, Brighton