A man of few words and an understated stage presence, Vini Reilly is a legend to those who appreciate the 80s Manchester music scene which produced Joy Division, New Order and the Happy Mondays among other groups signed to Tony Wilson's Factory label.

The Durutti Column, Reilly's band, was the first act to be signed to Factory, releasing an album of atmospheric guitar music in a sandpaper sleeve intended to damage the records it was kept with.

Reilly has persisted since then on an idiosyncratic path with great musicianship, combining his shimmering delay-drenched guitar sound with elements of folk, jazz, electronic rhythms and rock.

He performed from the wide range of his influential work, including Sketch For Summer, the first track from his abrasive debut, before improvising an emotional piece which, he told us, was "just something that might become something".

Like Reilly himself, the Durutti Column's music remains enigmatic, unique and ageless.