So Lewes District Council doesn't have the support of local residents to proceed with a judicial review against the Falmer Stadium (The Argus, December 3).

Those councillors who are currently in favour of it, or who are as yet undecided, should consider the following misinformation spread by the LibDems in Lewes.

Don't be fooled by the costs estimated by Lewes District Council (LDC). It has stated its planned expenditure to be £25,000. Interestingly, and perhaps coincidentally, this is the maximum amount the cabinet can agree to without seeking full council agreement.

However, LDC's track record in sticking to a budget is extremely poor. Only last Christmas, it had to go cap-in-hand for more funds to fight the public enquiry after it overspent its original budget in one month. So far, it has spent more than £200,000, compared to initial estimates of £75,000.

Don't be fooled by the argument about transport. If it really was an issue, why would LDC advocate sites which have worse public transport links and which would result in more cars going past Falmer to get to and from the A27 to Sheepcote, Waterhall or Toads Hole Valley?

And don't be fooled by claims it is appealing to protect the South Downs. If that were really the case, why would LDC advocate other sites which are also within the existing Area of Natural Beauty (AONB)?

The idea of a South Downs national park is being used as a smokescreen. Its boundaries have yet to be finalised and while it has been recommended the stadium site not be within it, there is a distinct possibility the bus/coach point won't be, either. Furthermore, land which isn't contained within the national park would probably lose its AONB status, anyway.

Claims by Norman Baker MP the Albion are not suffering financially while awaiting their stadium are simply too ludicrous for words.

Baker is on record as saying he would abide by Prescott's decision. It didn't take him long to backtrack.

Falmer Parish Council has given the game away on its web site by indicating it doesn't expect a hearing until next June.

-Adrian Newnham, Saltdean