With regard to the article about our planned protest on December 10, firstly, we have contacted PC Sean McDonald and indeed he replied to our letter.

Perhaps Superintendant Moore is not in the picture, having said we were being "deliberately evasive".

We share police concerns over the safety of protesters and the general public.

Accusations that we intend to disrupt the life of the community are unfounded.

The right of assembly is an important part of a healthy community and we will cause no disruption to any section of the it, whether in Churchill Square or the town centre - least of all, to The Argus Appeal Grotto.

In the past, disruption has been caused by police efforts to restrict this important right, as guaranteed by Article 11 of the European Convention On Human Rights - a right being eroded by the State.

We have marched twice through town already, both times without there being any violence.

We will be marching from Churchill Square to The Level via the Clock Tower, Queen's Road, North Road and the London Road - a route which was suggested by the police.

There will be experienced, independent and legal observers present to facilitate a safe and peaceful march.

-Andrew Beckett, spokesperson, Smash EDO