A teenage mum who became pregnant when she was just 12 is expecting her second child at the age of 15.

Amy Crowhurst hit national headlines when she gave birth to Alfie at the age of 13 after having sex with a 15-year-old Gambian boy.

Two years later, she has fallen pregnant again with the same father and is due to give birth to a baby girl next year.

Amy, of Bewbush, Crawley, said: "I ran out of the room when I found out because I was so shocked. But I didn't consider an abortion."

Referring to the father, who has not been named, she added: "He's not my soul-mate but he was there for me.

"But I don't want him to be part of my life. He can see the baby if he wants but I won't marry him."

Amy was prescribed the contraceptive injection after the birth of Alfie but she still fell pregnant.

She said: "After Alfie, I thought: 'Never again.'

"I wanted to concentrate on being the best mum I could to Alfie."

Amy lives in a six-bedroom council house with her mother Rose, 45, who has nine children by two different men.

She is too young to receive her own child benefit and her mother has to claim the £10.75 weekly allowance.

Amy, who only briefly returned to schooling after becoming one of Britain's youngest mums, said: "I know what to expect.

"I didn't have ambitions, I was too young. I might go back to school but not for at least five years.

"Perhaps having children should have happened later. But things are meant to be and I'm a good mum."

Amy, formerly a pupil at Thomas Bennett Community College in Tilgate, said she became pregnant aged 12 after having sex only once.

A doctor told her she was expecting after she collapsed on a shopping trip with young friends.

Her mother Rose told The Argus when she found out: "It doesn't matter how much advice you give your children.

"In the end, it's up to them to act upon it.

"Amy is not fully developed yet and I don't think she understood the implications of what she was doing.

"She has had sex education but when someone that young is put in that situation for the first time it can be very hard."