I couldn't agree more with "Pelagia", the pseudonym of a writer on The Argus web site's forum, who complained about finding books in the Jubilee Library, Brighton (The Argus, December 3).

I, too, went to the desk to ask what had happened to the biographical section and was told the same thing: There isn't one.

The woman wanted to know which book I wanted and I also said I just wanted to browse the section.

She said if I wanted to look up "film stars", I should go to the film category. But that if I wanted a composer or a book on music, then to look at all the books in the music section. The same rule applied to political biography: Look in the political section.

I couldn't be bothered and walked out without anything at all, telling myself not to bother again, as biographies are the only thing I am interested in. I need them to be in one area.

Pelagia obviously thinks likewise, as, I daresay, do a lot of other people.

-Sheila Kent, Brighton