Councillor Tonks reminded critics the decision to reject the Brighton Marina development was made after a lengthy debate (Letters, December 5) and that those fortunate few who were able to attend the Brighton and Hove Council meeting, saw it as democracy in action.

Regrettably, few people seemed to know about the meeting. Some who did know were unable to get there.

And even if they had known and had been able to get there, few would have been able to get in.

As ever, the vast majority of us remained in ignorance of official events.

Had the meeting been a web cast, however, and full publicity been given, many more would have been able to hear the opinions being expressed and by whom.

With so many other councils now web-casting meetings, it appears our councillors do not want to be monitored by their electorate, preferring to make their decisions in relative privacy.

Life may be less stressful that way but they can't then also deplore people's political apathy.

-RG Jenkins, Hove