Since it is the pantomime season, let us imagine Dick Whittington coming to Brighton - instead of London - and to enhance his image, he is driving a car.

What would he find in this modern city?

The car he would have been driving on hitherto smooth roads would, on entering the city, be subjected to badly-repaired and rutted roads, further degraded by Brighton and Hove City Council's numerous speed humps.

No matter how slowly navigated, these would subject his car's suspension to endure forces for which it wasn't designed and which enormously increase the wear factor. This wear factor would be instantly also apply to his demeanour.

Roads which would normally be relatively wide are now constricted by bits of pavement and bollards. These proliferate at junctions, causing cars to swerve into the opposing lane in order to traverse the corner.

As for an unfortunate lorry attempting to use these restricted junctions, it can forget it.

So my advice to Dick and all other motorists is to avoid Brighton like the plague.

Unfortunately, I believe this is what the council aims to achieve. Bring back the horse and cart.

-Michael Anthony, Hove