Despite recent scandals over party funding, the Liberal Democrats like to portray themselves as being above dirty politics and, especially, as a party with strong respect for local democracy.

But what happens when there's a real local issue and their views don't coincide with the electorate's? Do they respect local opinion or use every trick to get their own way?

In the case of Falmer, where two-thirds of Brighton and Hove's residents supported the stadium in a local referendum, the LibDems are virulently anti-democratic.

And, having fought and lost the public enquiry, they are now engaged in a cynical action seemingly designed to force a football club, which is in a precarious financial position, out of business by causing further delay.

Where's the high moral ground in that?

The LibDems should try to restore their reputation, listen to the local electorate, respect its opinion and abide by the outcome of the planning enquiry.

-Justin Seabrook, Brighton