Walking past Brighton's new Jubilee Library, I often observed, but had never used, the book return facility - useful for when the library is closed.

I had assumed this slot was some smart system for safely returning the books. After all, this is apparently a state-of-theart library, rather than some back-street video shop.

I was, therefore, shocked to see a large mountain of books, CDs and videos dumped on the floor on the other side of this slot during the Christmas holiday.

Some of the books had clearly been damaged and those at the bottom of the pile were probably much more so.

It is horrific our library should encourage people - or maybe they are now called customers to treat books in this way just in the name of convenience.

I'd heard stories about a large number of our books being dumped before the move to the new library, which was appalling enough, but to see our remaining books now treated with such a complete lack of respect makes me wonder whether the place deserves to be called a library at all.

Can someone from the library please explain how this was allowed to happen?

-Glenn Williams, Brighton