Cards for Good Causes would like to thank the customers who supported the charity christmas card shop in Brighton in the run-up to Christmas.

Buying charity cards through one of our 350 outlets means the profits will help support the vital work of the charities through the year.

The charities received more than £5 million from Cards for Good Causes for their Christmas card sales in 2004 and it is hoped a similar amount will be returned from the 2005 sales.

Cards for Good Causes keeps its operating costs to an absolute minimum, which means charities receive at least 81p in every £1 from their card sales, out of which they have to pay for the production and distribution of their cards and VAT.

We would also like to thank the loyal and dedicated volunteers who worked so hard during the season to help run the shop. Without their support, we simply could not operate.

Lastly, we are grateful to the staff and management of Brighton Jubilee Library for making us so welcome.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and hope to see you again in 2006.

-Jeanette Eason, shop manager, Cards for Good Causes Ltd (Brighton)