Like many others at this time of year, I find myself holding half-a-dozen bags, desperately trying to keep my balance on the fast and furious 49 bus, while waiting for it to stop outside the Labour Club in Lewes Road, Brighton.

I stand behind the driver, so as not to distract him, as the notice tells me to.

But the bus often races past the stop. I have remonstrated with the driver and am usually told I should have got up more quickly.

Having pointed out to the driver that the bus stop in question is not a request stop, I then get told I should read my Bus Times booklet.

Apparently, the bus bible says there is no such thing as a request stop, as they are all request stops.

I have read my Bus Times (not from cover to cover, I admit I still have some semblance of a life) but can't find any such commandment. So am I being taken for a ride?

Can anyone shed some light on this question? Meanwhile, I suggest heavily-laden bus passengers learn to push the bell with their noses.

-V Cane, Brighton