While appreciating the St James's Street traders' wish to see the whole street pedestrianised (The Argus, December 29), many years ago, I would have agreed with them.

The Kemp Town steet, which included a Sainsbury's and Woolworth's, was a great place to shop.

It was all in a day's work to nip down to buy a load of shopping and walk home with it.

But life doesn't stand still and the years advance too quickly. We are not always able to do what we used to.

It's great to see the street returning to life once again but, in its efforts to get rid of the traffic in St James's Street, the traders' action group should remember all its members are advancing in age. And the older you get, the quicker the years seem to pass.

The greatest pleasure in shopping nowadays is to end up in a superstore, buy your shopping and know, just a few yards away, is that lovely sight: The bus stop. And that after a few minutes, your chauffeur and transport will arrive.

I hope the St James's Street traders won't deny us that little pleasure.

-Frank Edwards, Brighton