Cult Amercian bands Clogs and The Books come together for their first major UK tour and a one-off musical collaboration, a freewheeling concoction of minimalist improv, cut-up indie bluegrass and folktronica.

While very different - The Books are a studio-based electronic band using samplers and sequencing, while Clogs are a contemporary classical group using scores and improvisation - they share a passion for originality and an ability to exploit sounds, textures and influences scavenged from across the musical spectrum.

The Books create music from traditional instruments such as acoustic guitar, cello, violin and banjo alongside a mind-boggling wealth of found sounds, accidental vocals lifted from films, songs and conversations, plus a set of tuned plastic drainpipes and a metal filing cabinet.

The classically-trained Clogs have established a writing process more akin to a rock group. Riffs and ideas are developed in rehearsals - jams which are then arranged into elegant musical narratives creating an unlikely repertoire.

From the immediacy of folk music through twisted Americana to 21st-Century chamber music, the innovative music both these bands produce is beautifully strange - sublime, organic and immaculate.

Starts 8pm, tickets cost £10. Call 01273 709709