The likes of Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire have kicked open the door for "organic bands" - and straight from the grow-your-own crop are Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

A band dedicated to the DIY way of life, this lot managed to shift 25,000 copies of their album by packing them at home and taking frequent trips to and from the post office. With no deal, no marketing and no money, they gained a huge following and since Alternative Distribution Alliance stepped in (for only the second time ever for an unsigned band), they've sold more than 50,000 copies in the US alone and have just been named runners-up in the BBC Sound of 2006 New Music Poll.

So who are they?

Hailing from underground Brooklyn, the group (Alec Ounsworth, Lee Sargent, Robbie Guertin, Tyler Sargent and Sean Greenhalgh) started life just 18 months ago.

They only began to get noticed about six months ago, when Tyler mailed copies of their album to pals.

A trickle of orders became a flow as influential websites began picking up on their offbeat charm. But when the review website Pitchfork gave them a glowing review things really went bananas. Pitchfork is an online bible of indie coolness and a compulsory point of reference for any hipster wanting to keep up-to-date with what's hot.

The inevitable label interest came and the band signed with UK indie label Wichita, home to Bloc Party, Bright Eyes and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Comparisons to Talking Heads and Joy Division have come thick and fast, although the band dismiss these as influences, preferring instead to namecheck Louis Armstrong, Dr John and Neil Young.

Their self-titled album is part fun pop, part roughed-up grunge, with melodic guitar lines and Brit-Poppy keyboard bleeps. It's high in danceability and effortlessly cool - although, of course, they have never strived to be the c-word. One of their music's most distinctive features is Alec's quirky voice, which has been described as a nasal yelp or even a whining wail.

Despite their cult status, the band have dismissed the adoration, seemingly unaware of just how popular they are.

Of the internet buzz which surrounds them, Alec simply says: "It's a small world, I guess. People mention that a lot of people are listening. I keep out of it."

Starts at 8pm. Tickets cost £9 (sold out). Call 01273 673311.