Shobana Jeyasingh, one of the most exciting choreographers in the UK and an alumnus of Sussex University, returns to Brighton with a double bill of dazzling dance which combines the urban drive of contemporary dance with elements of the Indian classical form Bharata Natyam.

Once again, this is a successful collaboration with British composer Michael Nyman (The Piano, The Libertine).

In Exit No Exit, Michael's newly arranged score for bass clarinet and string quartet propels Shobana's fleet of powerful dancers in an exploration of the anticipation of entrances and the impossibility of easy exits.

"Some stories are told because there is no way out," says Shobana. "Some trap us and others we choose to be trapped inside."

In Flicker, the shapes and random patterning of electronic music and flesh-and-blood choreography collide, clash and melt together in alternating rhythms and unstoppable motion, a reflection of the melting and morphing of modern culture.

Shobana's dancers' sleek, sharp movements explore the flickering interfaces through which artificial identities come to life against a digitally-mastered backdrop.

Shobana has long been fascinated with the migration of identity, the way in which people, voices and styles change over time and place. This has been true of her own life as an Asian living in London and as a classical Indian dancer turned modern choreographer.

Starts 8pm. Tickets cost £7-12.50. Call 01273 685861.