Grocery giant ASDA and Worthing College were always destined to have a plan B to try to eradicate any opposition to their planning applications.

But not even I could envisage the calculated, cynical and contemptuous execution of their recent ploy.

ASDA, supposedly on a "charm offensive" because of its "aggressive" reputation, has convinced the Planning Inspectorate to hear its completely new plan at the scheduled public inquiry.

Both it and the college have withdrawn their previous applications and replaced them with a single application for something which resembles "the return of Teville Gate".

I have to admire this grocer, which has convinced the poor college to withdraw its successful planning application in favour of one which gives the college thousands of square feet less space and 70 fewer parking spaces. That is a market force at its best.

At the rate of decreased floor space the college has accepted, if they hold on until 2012, they won't actually need a building (or it will fit into ASDA's canteen).

It makes me wonder how any of the calculations for the original building could ever have been correct.

Needs obviously change faster than I could ever believe.

The actions of the two parties mean the thousands of objections made by the public, the thousands of hours we have had to work towards the inquiry and the thousands of pounds we have spent on legal planning advice have been wasted.

In one fell swoop they have been eradicated, unless, of course, the Inspectorate tells us differently. The Chief Executive of ASDA recently met with Prince Charles, presumably to gain royal consent for the public execution of our civil liberty.

It is our intention to make sure whatever else ASDA thinks it can cut, it won't be our vocal chords. Their actions throughout this whole fiasco have been akin to those of a playground bully. Bullies never win and I for one am not for bullying.

This recent manoeuvre against the very backbone of our constitution will prove to be its downfall.

-Graeme Cornell, Worthing